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Christmas House [November 15th|8.00pm]
Too poor to go home and this Christmas I shall be...

Stuck in Vancouver, more than likely getting a job at the HC Mall.

On the upside, I did manage to meet my younger half sister -Jessie- who is quirky and cool and a mini version of me. Yay!

And I was thinking about holding a House Party xD That is, a christmas party with the theme of the tv show "House". Because I am a geek.
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Just One Thing... [September 2nd|4.24pm]



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Everyone Can relax--I've got the ticket!! [August 20th|12.07pm]
Ticket booked! I'll be flying out on August 26th. Yayy!

I'm in Ontario right now, at my Uncle's house. I drove up with him, his wife and his two daughters--Ash (2) and Curls (7). 16 hours. Ugh.

Going to stay at a hostel in Van for about a week or so, while I do school and aparment hunt.

Steve still hasn't emailed me.
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The Rules of Boys [August 15th|9.33pm]
[ mood | antsy ]

Steve has not emailed me back yet and I know for a fact that he was off today and yesturday. Is there some kind of un-written contact rule for boys and email? Like that girl one of "no kissing on the first date" and "wait three days before you call them" thing?

I'm antsy and a bit scared that he won't email me back, but I only sent it two days ago. *rollz around* I suuuuck....

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Some Other Stuff [August 13th|11.30pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

I bought luggage today.

I have one big case, with a pull-out handle and rolly-wheels. And I also cleaned my room and packed. I'm heading out to Ontario at the end of the week and I'm, well I'm mostly bittersweet about it actually.

Yay, I get to leave my sad little Nova Scotian town, but I've very recently admitted to myself that I'm in love with a guy. His name is Steve.

My last entry, a horribly angry rant about how much family really really sucks-and that's not counting the part where I was thrown out of the house, I had an incredably good day the day before.

August 11th, my last day at work. I got a hug from Steve, where-in the normal physical contact between us is limited to just a tap on the shoulder as we walk by each other. And it wasn't one of those 'oh im going to miss you' ten second hugs. It was an almost desperate, 'fuck I wish you weren't going cause I'm gonna miss you' sort of hugs. Lasted about a minute. Not that I'm complaining.

He also gave me his email.

And I'm in love with him.

And it's amazing that I've been in love with the idiot for a long time, and only now I can actually admit it to myself and say it without feeling the need to supress it.

I get that though, cause maybe it needed to be supressed because we worked together.

Anyhow, the good, the bad, and a grain of salt.

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Ranting and OH LOOK, More Ranting [August 12th|9.46pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

My Gram said last year that she was thinking about getting rid of our cottage in Northport. Since then my brother and my sister started saving to buy it cause they wanted it.

I learn tonight that she's selling it to my Uncle Tom.

And WHY is she selling it to my Uncle Tom? Because he is her kid and her kids get first choice whether to buy it or not. Our dad doesn't want it, and refused to put up bid for it because he wanted to avoid conflict with Tom.

Well, don't we get a say in this?? No. Why not? Cause we're NOT FAMILY, Gram says. We (Me, Lee, Ann) are just the grandchildren and we don't matter. She doesn't care about us.


Cause, yknow forget the fact that she's basically raised us since I was 2 and all of this "surrogate mother" bullshit that Aunt#1 has been feeding us. Forget the fact that Ann (the youngest of us) really thought of Gram as our Mother up until now. We're just the grandchildren, so we don't matter.

And it really pisses me off because people have been telling me "No, don't go all the way out to Vancouver! You need to be near family! Go to Edmonton first and be near your Aunt!" Cause yknow, APPARENTLY my family is just me, my Dad, Lee and Ann. Give or take my Dad, spineless bastard who basically admitted that he was chosing his brother over his own children.

Fuck them all.

My FRIENDS treat me better than my own Grandmother.

And she made my little sister cry. SHE MADE ANN CRY!!


That is unforgivable.

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MyriBLAGHHHH [August 10th|1.18am]
Having a blast over here (finally). All the relatives are down from everywhere for the moment. Once the 9 month old Ash from Ontario and her 7 year old big sister Carls were off to bed, We are NOT watching HBO's "Dexter" tonight because everybody it seems is tired as all get out except me and the over-tired 14 year old Nic from Alberta...

So me and Nic stay up until 1am (just now), reinventing and making-hilarious card games. Once Go-Fish becomes boring, we start telling jokes...

A duck walks into a bar, asks the bartender, "Do you have any grapes?"
Bartender says, "no." Duck leaves. Half-hour later, duck comes back. "Do you have any grapes?"
Bartender says, "no." Duck leaves. Half-hour later, duck comes back."Do you have any grapes?"
Bartender says, "no. And if you ask me one more time if we have any grapes, I'm going to nail your beak to the wall!" Duck leaves. Half-hour later, duck comes back.
"Do you have any nails?"
Bartender says, "no." Duck nodds and says, "Okay... Do you have any grapes?"

Run out of jokes to tell, then we decide that Go Fish would be more fun if we did it without speaking. Sign-language is awesome fun, but the best part was telling the other person to 'go fish' cause we mimicked Carson Beckett's fishing mime from Stargate Atlantis episode Sunday.

Nic wanted to change games after a while, and somehow we ended up playing 21... but we played it as 31 and instead of a five card charlie we have a seven card nut (which was a hilarious reference to Nic teaching me sign language and my horrible attempt as saying in sign that "Nic may contain nuts"). We placed bets with goldfish crackers.

ME: Hit... hit... Okay, I'm good.
NIC: Okay, me too.
ME: Okay, Nic. Place your fish.
*fishy bets are placed*
ME: Okay, call.
NIC: Bust!
ME: Bust!
NIC: *gathers fish bets* HA Dealer takes.
ME: Booo
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Possible Living?? [August 3rd|9.12pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

I found a place in Van. where in exchange for 10 hours a week of cleaning/cooking and general household chores, I can live there Rent-Free.

It's a good thing, I think, except I'm a little sketchy on the guy that I'm corrosponding with. His name is Bobby, he's in his 40's and his approach to the situation is that it's a job. Schedualing the hours, making up for any hours missed, so on so forth. Which is going to be kind of annoying if the guy actually lives there. Because, I dunno about you, but I like to be some kind of friends with a person before I live with them.

Is it wrong of me to look it this as an apartment interveiw, instead of a job interview? He's kind of anal about it and it's only ten hours a week that I'd be working--that's not a lot.

So here's the whole thing I'm getting at.

Would it be better to just find a shared place where I pay rent and then get a part-time job, or (if it comes through) should I go with this guy?

*rolls around* I have no ideaaaa!!

On top of that, I also have my Aunt telling me that I should go live for a year in Edmonton, Alberta first where I have family to learn the city and not be all on my own (they havent met the great and masterful Squish yet). That's Plan B, if I don't get my Student Loan to go to Van.

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[July 31st|9.16pm]
I have 8 work days left before my very last day of work, which is August 11th. It's starting to occur to me all the people I'm going to miss. I mean, it's not like I'm going to Vancouver to visit or something, I'm moving there to live for a very long time. And I'll be playing "poor college student" for the first entire year, so I probably won't be going home for Christmas or summer vacation or anything like that.

I saw my little sister and my older brother for the last time two days ago. My brother really didn't care, and my sister said that we still can chat on YIM and we have Facebook and everything...

Mostly, I'm going to miss Steve. Even just thinking about it makes me all angsty and I swear over and over and over that on our last meeting I will NOT cry, but I know that I will. If I get this upset over even thinking about the last meeting, I'm almost afraid of what'll happen when it actually takes place.

I did finally manage to get a few decent pictures of him beyond a foggy cell-phone picture, yesturday. We had a festival thing at work to boost our crappy morale. There was a dunk tank, a mock jail, barbeque and Kareoke and stuff. I sang the kareoke(Apparently I didn't suck)!! And I got put in jail for the charges of "smokes too much, talks too much, general hazard and too cute". Which is amusing cause I don't smoke.

I did some basic line dancing to some of the kareoke singing too and a bunch of people gathered to watch. One other person joined in. I also got madly sun-burnt on my face, the back of my neck and the backs of my hands. I had Steve arrested for "crimes of treason against the Federation", which was a massive joke to him, me and everybody who knows him because he's a Trekkie.

I have some pictures that I took. They are lovely and fantastically clear enough to draw from. Which I will. Eventually.

Picture Frenzy AhoyyCollapse )
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ART:: Major Lorne <33 [July 28th|7.05pm]
I got bored at work today. When I get bored I draw and I color. And things like this happen.

HazMat Suits are SexiCollapse )
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Captain Untouchable! [July 26th|11.58pm]
Okay, I decided to write the script out for the Captain Untouchable comic that I'm going to be giving away at Creation's Stargate Con in April '08 instead of just making it up as I go along.

This is a preview (just the written part, no art this time) of how Sheppard and McKay meet. Tell me how I'm doing so far!!

Snarcastically FantasticCollapse )
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[July 25th|5.14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It occurred to me that I haven't worked on The Continuum in a while. And that I am still about 18 pages short of finishing the first draft of Inspired. and I haven't posted here in a while.

I blame life.

I have a countdown at my desk at work which shows I only have 12 more days of actual work days to suffer through until my final happy release on August 11th.

Looking forward to the end of the SAT Arc on my youtube thing, "The Atlantis Game". When it's complete, the group is going on a crack!Hiatus and we can post willy-nilly weird things. If I can find a decent Radek and/or Kavanaugh up in Van., I'm very possibly going to convince them to Riverdance with me so I can put it up there. Ronon has made promises of also breaking into spontaneous dance. I wonder if I could get Teyla to sing a song about Cheese...

I've finally discovered a most excellent costume to wear to Creation's Stargate Convention in April. I'd tell you now, but I wanna wait and kill you will pictures later.

Speaking of the con!, I have been working on my Atlantis comic book that I plan to give away there... It might not sound like much, but I have the first two pages drawn sketchies! I'm going to color it all digitally though, 'cause it's looks better that way. I hope.

Unless of course, anybody wants to give a shot at the coloring for me?? :D

One more thing, but I don't recall what. If I remember later, I'll tell you.

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Stargate Atlantis Art Stuff [July 18th|1.10am]
[ mood | content ]

Working on a superhero book for McKay's alter ego--Captain Untouchable! And thought I'd give you lot a sneaker-peek at the great artness. It's the GOOD art, and not the shippy bits. You'll see anyways.

SGA Artness Fix Ahoy!Collapse )

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The You Tube Vidding Hate Message [July 17th|1.57am]
[ mood | n00b ]

Exploits of trying to make my very first "Using Greenscreen to make drawings Interact with Live Video" escapades. It's for my entry for the greenscreen video contest on YouTube where Zach Selwyn is rapping in front of a greenscreen and you have put in the background. I did the backgroundy bit already, but I wanted to add Cartoony Bits to the front.

So I take the Zach Part (the video I had done with the background) and I draw the cartoony bits on paper, scan them into my laptop, etc. That takes about five hours or so. Then I go to make the drawings into a green screen cartoon to later add to the Zach part. My program freezes, errors and dies, rebooting my computer. Seven tries and fails later, I get an idea.

I cut the drawings into sections, ending up with five seperate short videos that I later group together into one huge overlay.

So I'm all happy and I save the file-- the greenscreen bit as overlay for the Zach part --and then it turns out that my vidding program (edit studio) REFUSES to grant me any audio. So I have the video, but no audio.

I rip the audio from the original video and then try putting it in Windows Movie Maker (the evil WMM) and putting it together that way. the audio comes out scratchy so I rip the audio from u-tube as about three or so different formats of audio files, but WMM wont take them.

I finally find Ulead Media Studio Pro where I save the audio and video together, properly and its perfect. Except that now the finished file is exporting at a size of 532mB. CRAP.

So I download a compression tool called Ashampoo and try to export the video file into that to make it small enough to put up on youtube. It errors and shuts down a bunch of times.

I go back to Ulead and import the video file in and YES Discover that I can export it as a .WMV file which I do even though Im afraid of loosing quality.

Joy for me the file comes out at a suprising 4.2mB (that is surprising coming from a filesize of over 500mB) with fairly good quality except the video is small.. I think the rez is like... 220 x 300.

So I'm all happy and I go to upload it on youtube... but then of course You Tube won't let me upload it. Buggers. I dunno if a file problem or if Youtube is just not worknig right now. We'll see.

On a happier note, I'm making a Stargate Atlantis comic book to give away at Vancouver's Creation Convention in April '08. Yay me.

And, thanks to palmer, I started watching Red Dwarf. That toaster is awesome.... but not as cool as Eddy.

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Squishy!!!! [July 8th|3.16pm]
[ mood | devious ]

And no I don't mean you, Palmer Kun,
I just realized that I had a character for a sci-fi cartoon designed and his name was Squishy. Kudos to my buddy Kenny who named him. Eventually, when I get the time, I will animate the guy in flash.

On a moon or something.........  THIS BE SQUISHY::::

I'm also updating my emoticon thingy cause I got a haircut so my hair is shorter than it is...

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Shuuuuuubaaah [July 7th|10.03pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yay fun!

Just got groceries-- and these wonderful little bitsized things that are chocolate covered cheesecake! --and I discovered a movie that I think, although cheesy, is fanTASTIC.

It's called "Survivor" and it's got David Hewlett in it. It's a very cool sci-fi film.

I also finished the Pilot script for my tv show (did I say that already?) and I'm seven pages into writing the second episode---because me and Quen decided that the Pilot is technically the first episode anyways. Quen is writing the third episode. That's exciting.

Not much rambly to go around right now, but eh. That's whatever.

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Crazy Mad Punt-Kicked? [June 30th|2.08am]
[ mood | hot ]

Writing like a crazy mad thing, and very much doing life-stuff so much that it's hard to find time to post. So I bring you news, 2am on a worknight!  I dunno how legible it'll be, but here goes.

I finished the Pilot episode of my sci-fi show (as mentioned last post), and a little more than half of an episode guide for season one.

I am also in the early stages of writing a webseries for Vancouver actress, Melissa Halstrom. I only have a bit of an outline and a few episode plot ideas so far, but I only started a few days ago.

Bouncing in excitement of my relocation to Van in August. No silly nightmares about getting lost trying to find a Sky-Train are going to stop me!  Heh.

July First is pretty soon, that's exciting too! Yayyy Canada day! Although the Amherst, Nova Scotia celebration usually leave a lot to be desired, I'm looking forward to it. I have plans to kidnap either Boots or Magic and force them to come watch the fireworks with me. I'll even take pictures (mayyyybe) if I manage to get a camera before then.

I feel kind of bad for my sister though, because she is in California today and will be there on July 1st. The USA celebrates on the 4th of July, so poor Waffles won't see Canada Day fireworks.

Drove down to Halifax (NS) today and on the way back I think it was the North Star we saw, cause it was huge and bright white... like a car headlight in the distance sort of deal.

Wanted to share a line with whoever that I wrote in a fic. I found it amusing (edited for squick-worthy purposes)....

The noise this elicits from the machine is enough to send a surge of fear through John and caution is not only thrown from the window, it is punt-kicked, blown-up and buried three hundred feet below the north-eastern tectonic plate.

That's about all then. Off to bed with me!

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Flaming Obsessive Plotting Gah [June 22nd|8.25pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Been very busy so I haven't updated in a while.

Writing the Pilot Ep for a sci-fi show of my own creation...

Gram is doing blood transfusions because there is SOMETHING wrong with her, but we don't know what yet...

Work, of course, there's always work...

Starting the "Great Late Apartment Hunt" again because I know for sure that I'll be up and about Van. City in August, probably around the 12th or so.

Plotting a David Hewlett Movie Marathon for when I get to Van. Palmer_Kun! You're invited if you want to come! ...but you still have to take me to the library! xD

Have discovered "The Dresdan Files" and "Torchwood". Find myself addicted.

Also plotting dragging my friend, Magic, all around my hometown as much as possible before I leave in August. I have threatened to make him go shopping at the WalMart with me for shoes and avacados...

I've been bored at work and taken to making little one-page humourous comic things. I showed them to my buddy Chris and he is trying to convince me to make one of those 365-day Calender things. I haven't the inspiration to, but I might make one for the monthes of August and September to give out to my friends as a goodbye present...

I discovered the 48 Hour Film Project and now I wanna participate!

DH's film "A Dog's Breakfast" is released in September and so is Season Four of Stargate: Atlantis. That's gonna be a fun fun fun month for me...!

That's all for now. Going to watch an ep of Torchwood and hopefully sleep.

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Ker-SNAP [June 8th|1.32am]
[ mood | discontent ]

Have not been sleeping properly. Can't sleep through the night, went to bed last night at 9pm then woke up at midnight and couldn't get back to sleep til 4am. Following, woke up at 5am. Got up at 7am to go to work.

At work it was the first time I saw Steve since May 3rd. I didn't know what to say, so I avoided him so I could work out my mind. I thought he hated me. Then I noticed he was avoiding me too.

I didn't know what to do and I was nauseas over it all and spent half hour hurling licorice into the bathroom toilet stall. Damn me.

I have to do normal work tommorrow instead of just the easeback and I knew that there was no way I could do anything when I couldn't think of anything beyond Steve.

I teased him, that thing where you tap somebody on the shoulder on one side and they look and you're on the other side. I did it to him all the time before THE INCIDENT. Kind of a long-running joke thing.

He look at me and he smiled, beaming, and he said hello to me. And how tupid am I? He must have noticed I was avoiding him and then he started avoiding me BECAUSE OF IT and must have thought maybe that I hated him?

I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him properly yet though.

I don't know.
I really really dont know.

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Cause Lists are Fun [May 31st|1.11am]
[ mood | tired ]


1. Where were you 6 hours ago
Downstairs, looking after Grampy

2. Who will be your next kiss?
In my dreams xP I don't get kissed

3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
A towel, my hairgel, a ty-dye shirt

4. When is the last time you went to the mall
Yesturday. Picking up milk and juice for Gram

5. Are you wearing socks right now?
Yes. They are white and say "I Love Me" all over them. Reminds me of Rodney McKay

Yo!Collapse )

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